Innovation Award Winner Stops Fire in its Tracks

The latest in electronic control creates opportunities for increased safety onboard. Featuring FireStop technology, the new Fire Control Panel (FCP) is an integrated fire suppression management system from Sea-Fire Marine. At the 16th annual International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition & Conference (IBEX) in Miami, this unique product won the Innovation Award in the OEM electronics and electrical systems category. During the industry breakfast, the National Marine Manufactures Association (NMMA) and Boating Writers International (BWI) presented the award to Sea-Fire president Ernie Ellis.

Designed for the sophistication of modern recreational vessels, this innovative accessory provides intuitive operation and monitors cylinder pressure, fire, heat, smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) for early detection. The modular system is expandable to offer maximum protection to a wide range of craft. As with other Sea-Fire shutdown systems, the FCP is programmable for simultaneous management of up to eight specified onboard devices, including engines, generators, and ventilation systems. Employing a smart control module and microprocessor, the FCP offers easy “plug and play” installation and operates on 12 or 24 VDC. Up to four display panels receive system status via CAT5 data cables. Strategically placed throughout the vessel, the FCP’s informative displays incorporate LED lights to indicate alarms and comprehensive faults.

With its unique combination of monitoring and machinery shutdown in a weatherproof design, Sea-Fire’s Fire Control Panel with FireStop technology retails for $599. Sea-Fire Marine is recognized as a world leader in marine fire suppression technology. Fast and effective, their FM-200 clean agent systems are people-safe and environmentally responsible.

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