New Product from Sea-Fire is Honored with Innovation Award

The recently introduced Fire Foe from Sea-Fire Marine was honored with an Innovation Award during the 2004 IBEX Industry Awards Breakfast. The Fire Foe swept the Mechanical Systems category at the second annual IBEX Innovation Awards, judged by Boating Writers International. This new line of automatic fire suppression systems utilizes EnvirogelĀ®, an environmentally responsible, noncorrosive, gelled gas-powder. The agent is safe for people and equipment and offers an alternative to Halon and its replacements.

Fire Foe is self-contained, and efficiently extinguishes fires through a self-activating, temperature-sensitive delivery tube. A patented direct release system discharges the US EPA SNAP approved agent, which absorbs heat energy and covers combustible material to prevent reignition. The Fire Foe is maintenance free, and cleanup of the agent residue is minimal. The IBEX Innovation Awards recognize advancements in OEM equipment and engines based on innovative distinction from other products being manufactured, benefit to the marine industry, practicality and cost-effectiveness. This year, 72 products entered the competition.

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